The packaging of our boxed products is 100% green printed at Folprint, so each piece is carbon neutral. The MSZ EN ISO 14001:2017 certified manufacturer uses environmentally friendly, vegetable oil-based inks to print FSC® (C031340) certified paper stock.
  • The FSC® certificate can be verified here at any time, just write our printer ID C031340 next to the "License code".
  • All boxed GAL products are 100% recyclable.
  • The printing house is partially solar powered for its own plant and offices.
  • The textiles recycled in the printing plant (machine rags) are not thrown away, but are reused again and again after cleaning.
  • The sheets of printed paper are prevented from sticking by spraying powdered sugar instead of synthetic substances.
  • All our waste, including waste paper from printing, is collected separately.